New Hardwood Floor Installation Services in Woodstock GA

If you are reading this, maybe you are tired of your old carpets, creaky floors or outdated linoleum. Or your current floors are simply stained and you want to change them. And that’s where we come in - to provide an excellent selection of new hardwood floor installations and floor replacement services.

You will get the desired long lasting and comfortable hardwood floorings, and we will give you one year warranty on all work done. Dial (470) 481-0364 now and schedule a free onsite consultation.

Choose Your Desired Hardwood Flooring Solution

  • Solid hardwood floor installation: This type of flooring is recommended to be installed by nailing or gluing to a subfloor of plywood. In some cases, especially when dealing with hardwood floor installation over a concrete slab, it can be glued down with a suitable adhesive or first install a plywood subfloor on top of the concrete and then nail it down.
  • Engineered hardwood floor installation: It has multiple layers of laminated wood in a cross grain pattern with only the top layer being a hardwood. Thus, the system provides much greater resistance to changes in temperature and moisture. It is usually glued to a subfloor with a suitable adhesive.
  • Laminate hard floor installation: These flooring solutions are constructed by laminating a graphic rendering of different wood patterns on top of a HDF (high density fiberboard). A very durable protective layer is applied on top, making these floors the perfect choice for high-traffic areas. Usually constructed as a floating type of installation, meaning all pieces are held together and not attached to the subfloor in any way. Of course it’s good to use a specific underlayment as a moisture barrier and noise dampening element.

Hardwood Floor Refinishing and Staining

When your hardwood floor is severely worn, the wood is exposed to dirt and moisture, or there are some deep scratches and dents, it’s time to choose our refinishing services. This process mechanically removes the top layer of an existing hardwood floor to expose the raw wood below. Then the wood is assessed and sanded a certain number of times with different grits of sandpaper.

If any repairs or board replacements are needed, they are performed before the sanding. At the end, the floor is buffed to even and blend any remaining sanding marks. After vacuuming, your floors are finished with the stain of your choice. The specific type of finish will determine the drying time and the total length of the refinishing process.

Hardwood Floor Repair and Replacement

Your hardwood floor might need some repairs when a section of it is damaged by water, burns, pets, plants or extreme scratches. Most times the damaged areas can be replaced with matching species and sizes of flooring. When dealing with prefinished solid or engineered floors, the exact manufacturer and name of the product should be known in order to find the same material.

But please keep in mind that even then, due to unavoidable changes in color over time, the replaced section could still be obvious after the repair is finished. For solid hardwood floors that are finished on-site a better solution is to refinish the entire area to create the best possible match to the existing floors. And of course, if the original flooring material can’t be supplied anymore, your entire floor should be replaced with a new one.